CzechXR Spring Edition

About the Meetup

About the Meetup

CzechXR Meetup is a place for profesionals to meet and create new connections that will XR industry in Czech Republic to grow. People outside industry or outside Czech Republic are welcome as well.


CzechXR Spring Meetup was the first XR community meetup after a long break. We've met in frindly atmosphere, listened to interesting talks and had a great time. We hope to see you on our next meetup!


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Ondrej Moravec

Freelance XR Director and Screenwritter

Ondřej Moravec is the director of the autobiographical animated film Darkening (Tmání) which delves into the experiences of a young person dealing with depression. Utilizing virtual reality, the film offers an interactive and immersive journey through the protagonist's world, providing insight into living with depression and potential coping mechanisms. Selected for the Venice Immersive competition section at the Venice Film Festival, the film has also been featured at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.

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Lukáš Hejtmánek

Assistant professor, Charles University

With a background in psychology and neuroscience, he has spent a decade researching human interaction with virtual environments. He advocates for using virtual reality to address otherwise unanswerable questions in psychology. His current projects include studying spatial sound's effect on memory, spatial compression in VR, digital forest twins' impact on our well-being, and how gaming experiences influence cognitive performance in psychological tests.

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Jan Buriánek

3D Expert, AV Media

Jan remmebers the age, where immersive experiences happened in CAVEs. He has led implementation of many 3D projects across the world - from videomapping, stereo movies and yes, even VR. Recently, he is behind many public installations where VR is utilized, ranging from attractions to museum, experience centers or training. On the meetup he will share his insights about implementing VR into a public place.

Event Host

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Jan Horský

Leader at iNFINITE Production

Having attended various events such as meetups, conferences or hackathons around the world, I miss quality events in Czech Republic and CzechXR is my attempt to change it - to organize an event I would definitely attend, even if someone else organized it. And I hope you would like the event as well!