CzechXR 2023 XMAS Edition

About the Meetup

About the Meetup

  • Date: 5th December 2023
  • Location: Prague University of Economics and Business, Event Center
  • Start Time: 5:00 PM
  • Number of Attendees: (We will see!)

CzechXR Meetup is a place for professionals to meet and create new connections that will help the XR industry in the Czech Republic grow.


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2023 has been an interesting year for XR. The Meta Quest 3 has launched, the Apple Vision Pro was revealed, and perhaps we're not done with the surprises yet. It's also been a decade since the Rift DK1 kickstarted this revolution. It's a good time to share reflections on recent XR developments and our hopes for the future. We will meet in person in Prague. The event will be held in English.


16:30 Venue Opens
17:00 The warm welcome by Jan Horský and Marko Orel
17:10 Talks: Julie Šislerová
17:30 Talks: Antonín Pošusta
17:50 Talks: Jan Hovora
18:10 Talks: Jan Horský
18:30 Networking and demos
20:00 End of the event


Speaker Photo

Julie Šislerová

VR & AR Expert, Metaverse & NFT Evangelist

Julie is a business consultant for all things metaverse, NFT and Web3 related. She co-founded one of the first VR arcades in Czechia and produced a variety of AR & VR experiences at the award-winning studio Brainz Immersive. Julie is the founder of the community Holky v Metaverse (Women in the Metaverse), where she strives to connect and educate women in immersive tech.

Speaker Photo

Antonín Pošusta

Software Development Manager At Vrgineers

Computer vision engineer and the person who laid the foundation to XTAL software stack - from runtime, tracking prediction, reprojection and image warping/dewarping to plugins for game engine. Leading the software and optics team since 2019.

Speaker Photo

Jan Hovora

CEO at QuaternAR

One of the original co-founders of Bohemie Interactive, later co-founder and ex-CEO of Pocket Virtual is back in the XR space with his new startup - QuaternAR. Jan is going to share with us how are their work is vital for the XR Industry as whole.

Speaker Photo

Jan Horský

Leader at iNFINITE Production

Having attended various events such as meetups, conferences or hackathons around the world, I miss quality events in Czech Republic and CzechXR is my attempt to change it - to organize an event I would definitely attend, even if someone else organized it. And I hope you would like the event as well!



Getting There
  • Address: Prague University of Economics and Business, Event Center, nám. W. Churchilla 4, 130 67 Prague 3
  • Public Transport: Metro C (red line) to Hlavní nádraží station, then tram 2,5,6,9,15,25,26 to Viktoria Žizkov station
  • Car: Parking space around are limited and generally car is not recommended.
Best entrance is from Italská street, where you can find the Event Center entrance. The follow the stairs to 3rd floor. We wil have sings and/or people to guide you.

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CzechXR was original meetup group organized by Marek Kulkovsky and Jan Horský since 2019, following earlier Meetups which were organized since 2015. CzechXR is currently organized by the crew of iNFINITE Produciton s.r.o.. We seek to create a place where the entire industry can meet, create connections that would bring XR industry in Czech Republic forward. We believe the entire industry (including us) will benefit from that.